Image result for About Theatre, Film and MusicThis website has everything a reader needs to know about theatre, film and music. In particular this site goes into detail about the best uses of music within movies. There are plenty of examples of this and we have selected the best ones. Our site is easy to navigate through and should have enough information to satisfy any curious mind.

This site is list orientated to help make reading easier for the viewer. This includes a section on the best movies of the year 2018 and of the year 2019. This is done in order to make choosing a movie to watch much easier.

We also have a section Broadway. This area of New York is where some of the very best live stage productions are performed. In this section we go through the ones that are most worth watching.

Casinos feature in many different feature films. In a section of this site we go into detail on this with our list of the best ones to look out for. This includes the iconic 007 movie Casino Royale and the Tom Cruise comedy drama Rain Man.

Movies can inspire the viewer immensely. Sometimes that is what the audience wants from their films. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where this section comes in. It tells you the most inspiring films to watch including sports movies and moving dramas.

We also talk about the relationship between music and movies. This includes listed examples of when a song is used perfectly during a scene.