Broadway has become the go to place in America to see a stage play or musical live. It is often the place where the most successful productions start out before they eventually expand overseas. The very best musicals of Broadway usually make it to London’s West End and other international stages.

However, for every play that makes it big there are plenty that fail during their opening week. It can be exceedingly difficult to succeed on Broadway. Here are the very best musicals that did make it and are now part of theatre history.

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  • Sweeney Todd

This bloody and disturbing musical tells the tale of a murderous barber out for revenge. It was later adapted into a film starring Johnny Depp. The original production featured Angela Lansbury in one of her finest roles.

  • Rent

Rent follows a group of impoverished young people as they struggle to live in New York City. It features heavy themes such as AIDS, gay rights and sexuality. The show has now become a staple of popular culture.

  • Wicked

This prequel to The Wizard of Oz tells the story from the witch’s point of view. It has become one of the most popular musicals to ever come out of Broadway, picking up many awards. This is mostly thanks to the original lead Idina Menzel, who is extremely magnetic in the role of the “wicked” witch with a heart of gold.

  • The Book of Mormon

The creators of South Park have been obsessed with Mormonism for years. It should be no surprise then that when it came to writing a musical, they chose this religion to mine for comedy gold. This show is perhaps the funniest that has ever been put on Broadway and proven to be a popular production overseas as well.